The Memory Fridge
This past spring I had the opportunity to participate in a collaborative workshop with industrial design and graphic design students sponsored by Stryker. My team and I were challenged to choose a chronic illness and design a product or system that would help older adults age in their own home.
Fridge Design
The chronic illness we decided to focus on was Alzheimer's Disease. Common problems with Alzheimer’s patients living at home is that they forget when to eat, they may accidentally eat spoiled food, or open and close the fridge door multiple times without actually taking anything. Our goals for the Memory Fridge were to develop a system that encourages safety and proper nutrition, as well as peace of mind for caregivers.
Key Features
The individually-locking, modular drawer system provides organization and safety. Each drawer lights up to indicate the current meal’s location, and the fridge’s interface provides visual and auditory reminders for each meal time. 
Interface Design
The fridge’s interface is simple, friendly, and easy to use. The graphics allow both the caregiver and patient to visually track meal progress throughout the day, while providing helpful reminders when it’s time to eat.
Caretaker's App Design
The Memory Fridge Caregiver’s App provides information about when food is taken, when doors are opened or shut, and gives control of customizable settings. As the disease progresses, the caregiver can use the Memory Fridge Caretaker's App to record meals that are stocked in the fridge using an RFID tracker, view information and trends about their loved one's activity, and to customize the fridge’s settings to accommodate for their needs, such as more assertive meal reminders.
Team Member Contributions
Andrea González Esteche, Industrial Design - concept development, copy writing
Karen Liu, Industrial Design - Concept development, CAD model rendering, copy writing
Madison Mitchell, Graphic Design - Concept development, app and interface designs, copy writing
Ana Sorensen, Industrial Design - Concept development, CAD model rendering, copy writing
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