Roomba Packaging Redesign
For this project was sponsored by Chase Design, we redesigned the packaging for their client iRobot’s popular vacuum, the Roomba e5 and i7+ models. Our primary goals were to design packaging that helped increase in-store recognition of the iRobot brand, while also making it easier to differentiate between Roomba models.
Existing Packaging
Final Packaging for e5
We wanted the e5 and i7+ to stand out from the rest of the Roomba models since these two are the highest quality, newest versions of the product. To visually show that these are the most high-tech Roomba models available, we designed sleek black packaging that would draw your eye among the white packaging of the older models.
Final Packaging for i7+
We also increased the iRobot brand’s visibility by having the logo on every side no matter how the boxes are stacked or displayed, and also making the side panel a more primary panel highlighting features of those specific models since many in-store displays we visited featured that panel facing out towards the shopper.
Final Graphics on Prototype
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